Sustainability and repair

We offer repairs in-house. We will also be happy to send you an individual repair kit.

If your doll is defective after the warranty period, or if you have a doll from another manufacturer, we are here for sustainability and will gladly repair it.We also have a solution for bite marks from dogs, rabbits, dormice, etc. We can replace bitten vinyl parts for you. Do the vinyl parts have stains on the head, hands or feet due to incorrect storage? We have a replacement for that too. We will also be happy to provide you with a new fabric body if it is simply getting on in years and is no longer attractive. Or a cotton wool package with cable ties to spice up the doll yourself.

Please send us photos in advance. Once the complete "naked" doll and photos of the damage.

So that we can determine the exact size and/or the right vinyl part. Please send photos via WhatsApp to Renate 0160 94 50 65 70 or with a reduced image size to e-mail: you can also send us your address and other contact details at this e-mail address.

We will give you a quote for the cost of repair and how it might go for you if you decide to go ahead with it.
Sometimes it is enough if we send you a ready stuffed body and you put the vinyl parts on yourself. It is easier than it reads here now.