Overview of sizes

Here you can see an overview of our different doll sizes for comparison. We offer dolls in different sizes and adapted weights from 30 cm to 76 cm.
 Please note that the weights indicated do not have any muscle tone and therefore appear heavier than they actually are. You will not be able to lift a 10 kg doll as light as a 10 kg toddler who wants to be held in your arms. And we, as doll makers, must not disregard the resilience of the fabric.

Overview of bodies

Disc joints in arms and legs

Number 55 shows the fabric body with disc joints in arms and legs. Disc joints give the dolls movable limbs "they can sit freely", making them suitable for most applications.

Disc joints only in the arms

The number 5656 Carry me has only disc joints in the arms and was made especially for the ClauWi Trageschule®, in collaboration with Mrs Wilhelm. Because of the disc joints in the arms, the arms can be easily tied into the sling. Because of the sewn-on legs, the doll cannot sit properly without back support, similar to an "edge stool" - but perfect for the ClauWi Trageschule®.

Without disc joints

The number 5858 is complete without disc joints. Due to the missing disc joints, the dolls are only movable to a limited extent. Attention: The doll can overstretch backwards in the upper part of the body, furthermore it cannot sit properly due to the sewn-on legs without back support, similar to an "edge stool".