Your ordered goods will be packed in the box together with your invoice and handling slip.

Filling material and cut protection. On the package the shipping label, on this package side you can carefully cut or open the package. To remove the doll and the papers.

We try to use sturdy cardboard boxes.Sometimes new and sometimes still good used boxes are used here. We also use boxes from technical equipment, so don't be surprised...

For environmental reasons, please don't be angry if your box shows that it has travelled before.

Filling material

Our filling material is also very variable.

Sometimes it's filling chips, sometimes it's wrapping paper that has been used before. Other times it's old bags that have been in use for a long time to protect something. Surely we could simply dispose of the bags in the yellow bin and buy new filling material. But here, too, I am thinking a little bit about the environment. Maybe you can use the bag again as a rubbish bag. Or if it's a lot of smaller bags as dog poo bags, or pack the full nappy on the go, also as a bag for a table waste bin.

Large plastic sacks (filling wadding, delivered in them) are also used from time to time.You can use them to protect garden cushions, worn-out children's seats, etc. from dust.Shredded cardboard is a completely new filling material.You can simply dispose of it in the paper bin.
Auch wir machen uns Gedanken zum Thema Umweltschutz.