Product information "5656 Carry me "

 Size approx. 52 cm, weight approx. 3.300 g, 

  • head, hands and feet made of vinyl,
  • one hand open,
  • the doll’s body (100% cotton) does not have disc joints in the legs,
  • hand-made in our house,
  • the arms have disc joints, so the arms can be positioned better when being attached,
  • a choice of heads,
  • head Paul* has additionally a nursing mouth, fontanelles and cranial sutures,
  • eye colour may differ from photo,
  • cannot be bathed,
  • clothing may differ from photo
  • natural weight distribution
  • easy to carry
  • excellent binding
  • pleasant handling
  • spread-squat position is possible
  • nursing, caring for, carrying, massage and therapy
  • Doll developed specially to meet the requirements of the Clauwi- Trageschule® 

 the prototype was carefully tested and deemed good by Clauwi Trageschule®.


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Renates Puppenstube®


52cm, 3000g

Kopfauswahl: Paul
 size 52 cm, head circumference 37 cm, weight 3000g Head, arms and legs made of vinyl,body made of fabric (100 % cotton) with disc joints,handmade,cannot be bathed,2 open hands for baby massage, Castillo Morales and other classes,arms and legs are not bendable in the elbow and knee joint,with clothing, this may differ from the photos,Head Paul has a breastfeeding mouth, fontanelles and cranial sutures,palatal marks and palpable uvulas, mouth depth down to the first phalanx, eye colour may vary from photo,

130 .00
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