Nr.1 44333 Pelvis, 44363

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  • 44333-44363
(44333 Pelvis) Size 19x25x24 cm, Weight 1 kg this is a natural unprocessed imprint of a...meer
Productinformatie "Nr.1 44333 Pelvis, 44363"
  • this is a natural unprocessed imprint of a female adult pelvis
  • sacral bone and flexibly placed lower back (lumbar vertebra) L1 and L2
  • sacral bone is removable
  • movements within the ilio sacral joint can be demonstrated

 Product information "No 44363 Foetus doll with mouth for breast feeding, sutures and fontanelles,"
  • vinyl head, hands and feet
  • very soft, flexible fabric body
  • hands opened
  • the doll fits through the model pelvis
  • do not bathe
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6 jan. 2022


Hello, I would like to ask whether this is a doll PLUS the pelvis? I cant see that in desribtion. If it is so, which type of doll it is? Thanks, K.

Admin 8 jan. 2022


yes this is the pelvis order number 44333 + the Foetus doll order nr.44363.

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