No 6868 Ronny Carry me

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(6868 Ronny) Size 66 cm, weight 4500 g, Doll with or without storage bag Doll to carry...más
Información del producto "No 6868 Ronny Carry me"

Doll to carry especially developed for the needs of Clauwi- Trageschule®.


    • head, hands and feet made of vinyl
      • one hand open
      • the doll’s body (100% cotton) does not have disc joints in the legs
      • hand-made
      • The arms have disc joints, so the arms can be positioned better when being attached
      • eye colour may differ from photo
      • cannot be bathed
      • clothing may differ from photo
      • natural weight distribution
      • easy to carry
      • excellent binding
      • pleasant handling
      • spread-squat position is possible
      • nursing, caring for, carrying, massage and therapy
      • Doll developed specially to meet the requirements of the Clauwi- Trageschule®  


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